The following Museums in Weimar are open on Monday:

Bauhaus-Museum, Fürstengruft, Goethe-und Schiller-Archiv, Liszt-Haus, Römisches Haus, Parkhöle im Park an der Ilm

Beloved by guests due to the many available options

Even grand duchess Anna Amalia would have been pleased with the breakfast offered. We can't help it, it's our speciality and our favorite. It's just so much fun to create little sweet or savory delights- we keep extending our rich breakfast buffet.
Just imagine different kinds of butter, waiting to be spread onto fresh seeded rolls, grain rolls, rolls with nuts, rolls with sesame, rolls with dried tomatoes- you name it, we got it.
Pastries, pies or pâté, cremes, cheeses, all sorts of fruit and other delicacies are waiting to enrich our guests morning.
All cold meats and sausage products are still from the butchers shop and egg dishes will be freshly prepared upon request- all at your disposal. Of course we are ready to offer products free of gluten as well as free of lactose- all one could wish for....breakfast at its finest, accompanied by subtle background music and all available v the late morning hours. To top the feeling of luxury we offer premium breakfast on our terrace overlooking beautiful Weimar.


Room to pass the time- relax and linger
An all around feeling of comfort and sense of well-being can be enjoyed at the library „Salon Wieland" facing the monument of the gray eminence Weimar's, Christoph Martin Wieland.
Browse through the extensive collection of books, enjoy some candle light or engage in a game of cards- all the while sipping a good local wine.
Sunny weather invites you to pass the time most leisurely on our terrace, Goethe's garden in sight.

Coffee to go for our travelers
We don't want to see you leave but all good things have come to an end. Before you go- pick up some coffee at our " coffee to go" bar. You are welcome.

Free of charge drink bar
Warming teas in winter or cooling soft drinks in summer- the hotel offers beverages    throughout the year, fitting to the season- always available and free of charge

Guest- Laptop
Whether it's a quick email check, a forgotten own device or an online search- should you not have an own devise at your disposal feel free to use the hotels laptop, free of charge.

Hotel Amalienhof is a historic building, listed to be preserved as site of historic interest. All rooms are larger then expected but as in all historic buildings the bathrooms had to be built in subsequently. They are not large but of highest quality and standards.
Upon entering the bathroom, our guests are welcomed by a sunny yellow color and sufficient shelf space make the bathrooms little jewels in themselves.


When the house was build and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe used to stroll by, it was way quieter then. Now there are bigger sounds with more horsepower, more speed but also more comfort all in all. Even though Weimar is still one of the rather quiet  towns there is somewhat more background noise. All our windows are therefore pretty much sound proof and our thick curtains also possess noise-insulating properties. Ear plugs will do the trick if all else fails.